Q – Are Fruit and Veg Boxes available for the 2022 year?

Mt Alma Organics is taking a temporary break from Fruit and Veg Boxes for the 2022 year while we focus on expanding our growing area and produce lines. If you’d like to be notified when our Fruit and Veg Boxes will be available again, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Q – Where do you deliver to?

We have a dedicated Delivery Information page that lists all of the areas we deliver to, on what days, and at what time if applicable. Please visit Delivery Information for more details. Please note, we only deliver to built up areas of certain locations. Please don’t place an order if we don’t deliver to your area.


Q – What if I am not home to receive my delivery?

When ordering, please specify if you have a particular space where you would like your Fruit and Veg Box left and please keep in mind the following:

Remember ownership of the products will transfer to you once we have delivered as per your delivery instructions. If the produce is damaged due to the location not being suitable, the onus is on you, the customer.


Q – What are your cut-off times?

Orders can be made Saturday through to midnight Tuesday for delivery on Thursday or Friday. Orders close at midnight on Tuesday, but Fruit and Veg Boxes may sell out before.


Q – Will I always receive exactly what I have ordered?

Although we do our best to anticipate harvest times and estimate the quantity of product, adverse weather conditions can affect the quality of crops. Subsequently, types of produce may vary week to week. We suggest to our customers that you do your grocery shopping after you have received our delivery just in case you need to pick up something that we were not able to supply.

In the event that we need to substitute one type of produce for another, the dollar value of the box will remain the same.


Q – What if I am not satisfied with what I receive?

If possible, please take photos immediately. Photos must be submitted with refund requests. Please contact Mt Alma Organics by sending an email to [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving your order.

We urge you to consider that our produce is certified organic when assessing. What do we mean by this?

Here is an example: We have had customer queries because our garlic is brown in colour instead of white. Garlic is grown in the ground and naturally has a brown tinge to it. Conventional garlic can sometimes go through harsh chemical processes such as bleaching to make it so white. What would you rather eat?


Q – What do I do with the empty boxes?

We are a certified organic farm that employs sustainable farming and business practices, and we encourage our customers to reuse and recycle where ever possible. We used to collect our boxes to reuse, however due to COVID-19 we are currently not offering this service. We recommend reusing the boxes for storage or recycling them correctly.


Q – How can I check the status of my order?

After placing your order, you will receive an email from us verifying the receipt of your order and delivery information. Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact delivery time, but we can provide a delivery window. Refer to the Deliver Information page for more information on deliver.


Q – How does your subscription service work?

Mt Alma Organics offers a weekly and fortnightly subscription service. You can sign up when making an order, normal cut-off times apply for you first subscribed week. After the first week, your subscription will be processed at midnight on Friday of each week before orders open to the general public. This means, that payment will be automatically debited from your nominated payment method at midnight on Friday. If you wish to cancel or change your subscription you will need to do so before midnight on Friday or the order will be process as per normal. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Q – How do I cancel or change my subscription?

You can cancel or change your subscription on your account dashboard. Select the icon with the person in the top right hand corner of the Home or Order page. Login, if you aren’t already. Select the Subscriptions tab.


Q – How do I pay for your service?

We accept Mastercard and VISA credit cards. Your credit card will be charged on the day of delivery or in the few days after. You can also pay via PayPal and select your nominated payment method through your PayPal account.


Q – Can I choose what goes into my box?

We can certainly exclude certain items from your box if you’re allergic to certain produce. We will remove that item, and you will receive another item of similar value. Please let us know in Order Notes when you are making an order. Please provide as much information as possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the option to include or exclude certain items on a whim due to the seasons and growing conditions.


Q – How heavy is the box? What are the quantities?

Boxes are not made to weigh a certain weight. We aim to create boxes that include an exciting range of seasonal produce with lots of thought about what you can cook and make with the selection included. We could easily provide a very heavy box of pumpkins and potatoes, but that would not be overly exciting. We also can’t tell you how many of each item there will be as the weights vary. For example, sometimes the zucchinis are large, so we may provide 2, sometimes they are small, so we may provide 4. It just depends. Each box is hand packed to ensure it offers a good selection, excellent quality and a fair quantity.


Q – How do I know it is really organic?

We are so glad you asked. We are a fully-accredited Australian Certified Organic Farm Certificate Number 11982. As an Australian Certified Organic Farm, we are required to operate under strict standards, guaranteeing we produce genuine, certified, organic produce.

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